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A betting tips website. The goal is to share the passion of ADAM while accompanying you all through the soccer season and in your choice of sports betting via the VIP area which is reserved for subscribers.
A « sports bet » is to bet money on a sports pool, to win the associated amount.
A odds allows us to calculate potential earnings. Multiply your bet by odds and you will get your potential earnings in case of good bet. The higher the odds, the more money you will earn. The more players bet on this odds, the lower they go.
The betting tips are tips offered on the VIP area accompanied by a bet management according to the confidence index available on the site.

The advice are bets offered on the VIP area without any wagering, the advice is intended to help you in your choice in times of doubt.
1) Easy to bet from home
2) Bonuses are offered at every registration at a bookmaker
3) Odds are higher due to competition between each bookmaker
4) The vastness of the betting offer: more than 10,000 daily bets
5) No queues to validate your bet
It is perfectly legal to bet online and make money that way. All the operators presented on ADAMPRONOS.NET hold a license, granted by the ARJEL (Regulatory Authority of Online Games), allowing them to exercise their activity legally. The ARJEL gives priority to the security of transactions as well as the withdrawal of your earnings.
To win with sports bets it’s in the long-term, it's like for all business.
The most important thing is to put in place a strategy accompanied by a good management of your capital. Do not forget that this is a game of chance and it is impossible to predict 100% the result of a sports meeting but if you bet intelligently it can make you earn money !
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